Tenant Reference Group


The Tenant Reference Group (TRG) is a sub-committee of the Board of Directors that currently includes seven tenant members who live in Haven’s Affordable Housing properties across the Loddon Mallee region.

TRG members are a cross section of our tenants with singles, families of all types and retirees. They provide an invaluable contribution to the continuous quality improvement of our services to help us make sure that we are a valuable resource for our tenants.

It has been a busy year with one longstanding member resigning; we would like to thank Noelene for her valuable input during her time with the TRG. There is currently a vacancy in the Group and we have a number of tenants expressing interest in being involved.

The TRG has been working through key areas on the work plan that, in corporate terms, include Tenant Engagement Methods, Design and Development/Asset Management, Tenant Feedback, Tenancy Policies, and Tenancy Information. In TRG terms this means our focus is on making sure tenants have value for money properties with clear, easy to access information on what we offer, what we expect of our tenants and ourselves and how we keep it fair.

Our tenant members give us a unique “user” view of our organisation by providing feedback and sharing and discussing various points of view on such topics as Housing Affordability, communication with tenants and customer service. In turn we review policies and processes to continue to make improvements to services.

Tenant engagement is an important part of the TRG’s focus; the monthly tenant newsletter, distributed through the Haven website, has been a welcome addition this year. The TRG provided input into the Tenant Survey that was distributed in October 2012 here [link to survey results table] . New ways of communicating with tenants continue to be explored and the development of YouTube videos, demonstrating cleaning and maintenance handy hints for tenants .

The Board is grateful to the tenant members and to the staff who inform and support the TRG.

There is tremendous value in the knowledge and enthusiasm that the members bring to help guide the organisation’s work in Affordable Housing.