Executive Overview

exec-team-breakout-boxOur executive is arguably one of the most talented and highest performing teams in the not-for-profit sector.
They are strategic, flexible, innovative, aware of the external environment, and able to take the long-term view to build a shared vision with others.
Each year when they come together to formulate the Corporate Business Plan their focus is on prioritising objectives consistent with our Mission and the Board’s strategic directions.
While the long-term interests of the organisation remain paramount they are always prepared to question conventional approaches and implement new or cutting edge programs or processes.
Being able to capitalise on opportunities and manage the risks is one of the hallmarks of the executive team.


Ken Marchingo Paul Somerville Niall Hensey Trudi Ray Mario Roccisano

Some of the achievements of the team in 2012-2013 included:
• 93% completion of all Corporate Business Plan projects/strategies
• Integration and co-location of the Synergize Hub into our Bendigo office
• Installation of new Gemba document management and compliance system across all sites
• Development of a Technology Roadmap project to define our future to support ailing infrastructure
• Creation of an Internal Audit plan
• Achievement of Quality accreditation and compliance under the new HACC standards
• Establishment of an Emergency Response Team for staff duress procedures
• Engagement with stakeholders through a series of formal presentations
• Finalisation of the regional office integration project
• Establishment of a Graduate Student program
• Delivery of an Outreach Module
• Completion of an email archiving and back-up system for disaster recovery
• Roll out of smart phones to provide operational staff with greater mobility
• Refurbishment of Mildura office and improved systems
• Installation of new Client Management System Palm

Ken Marchingo


Chief Executive Officer Ken Marchingo, is arguably one of the most influential and out-spoken figures in Australia’s social housing sector.

A 30-year veteran who has dedicated his career to helping and housing the most vulnerable, Ken received a Lifetime Achievement Award last year for his contribution to Community Housing from his peers and colleagues at PowerHousing Australia (PHA), the advocacy group he helped to establish in 2004. The award recognised Ken’s sustained commitment to growing the affordable housing sector over many years, which comes from his deep sense of social justice and a ‘fair go’ for all.

Ken was officially acclaimed a ‘Local Hero’ in the City of Greater Bendigo, his home town and the headquarters of Haven; Home, Safe – Victoria’s first registered Affordable Housing Association. When Ken took over the organisation nearly 20 years ago it was effectively bankrupt with debts of more than $340K and annual funding of just $130K. Under his astute stewardship, Haven; Home, Safe now boasts annual revenue of $24M, has a balance sheet of assets of more than $250M, and employs 120+ staff across four offices. In addition to his CEO duties, Ken is the proud patron of the Bendigo and Central Victoria Community Foundation, an Honorary Life Governor of the Royal Children’s Hospital, and a White Ribbon Ambassador, which aims to eliminate violence against women and children.

Email: ken.marchingo@haven.org.au
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Paul Somerville


Haven; Home, Safe’s long-standing Chief Financial Officer, Paul Somerville, counts himself as lucky to serve in the not-for-profit sector.
A top graduate of the University of Melbourne in Commerce, Paul started his accounting career in the private sector as an auditor with Arthur Anderson. During the late 1980s, he worked across a diverse portfolio of national and international businesses and was exposed to the cut and thrust of multi-million deals.
But it was the lure of his home town and the desire to raise a family in the country that drew him back to Bendigo in the early 1990s. It was here that he joined a small accounting firm and took on his first NFP client.
Head-hunted by Haven; Home, Safe in 1997, Paul relished the challenge of restructuring the organisation into the successful, values-based entity it is today which balances fiscal accountability with its moral mission.
Convener of PowerHousing Australia’s CFO group, Paul enjoys collaborating and sharing his knowledge to grow the affordable housing market in Australia. For the past seven years Paul has also lent his expertise to disability service provider, Amicus, the past five as Chair.

Email: paul.somerville@haven.org.au
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Niall Hensey


Little did Niall Hensey know what he had signed on for when he joined our organisation in early 2010.

We were riding the crest of the Nation Building stimulus wave and had just embarked on a massive construction program.

What he did know, after 20 years as a senior manager in community services and housing in Geelong, was that we needed to gear up quickly to manage the hundreds of new properties we were building and to tenant them.

In what was a newly created role at the time, Niall also assumed leadership of the Operations Group, with responsibility for the delivery of homeless support services across the Loddon Mallee Region in addition to the management of the rapidly growing portfolio of affordable housing and development of aged care and disability support services.

As an opera aficionado, it’s no surprise that Niall’s calm and considered management style has been a welcome counterpoint to the frenzied and constant activity that is Operations.

Through his leadership he has imparted to his staff and fellow executives the foremost principle that community services are enhanced through integration and partnership and the importance of providing support with dignity, empowerment and opportunity.

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Trudi Ray


Highly intelligent, strategic, enthusiastic, and loyal are just four adjectives commonly used to described Haven; Home, Safe’s youngest executive, Trudi Ray. After completing her MBA in 2012 and being awarded the Dean’s Commendation, Trudi accepted an invitation to join the Golden Key International, an honour society for students ranked in the top 15% in the world.

According to her colleagues and peers, Trudi is most certainly a ‘CEO in the making’. Her strong work ethic and diverse management skills developed over the past 10 years with Haven; Home, Safe have placed her in good stead to oversee the Human Resources, IT, Risk Management, OH&S and Communications programs within the organisation.

Trudi is Haven’s lead facilitator with the State Government’s Registrar and accredited to manage and conduct the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and other behavioural testing. Her drive, passion for social justice and strong community spirit have extended beyond the workplace, with Trudi a registered Justice of the Peace and, the youngest woman to be elected a local government councillor in regional Australia in 2004.

Email: trudi.ray@haven.org.au
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Mario Roccisano


Mario Roccisano has a varied CV. After starting out his working life in Crown land protection he moved into administration of disability and pre-school service delivery.

He then took time out and grew table grapes in the Mallee before joining our organisation as a housing worker in Mildura. Before long he was appointed Area Manager. He relocated to Bendigo in 2008 to become our Chief Development Officer.

As any successful property developer knows, knowledge and information in the property market is essential. Mario is no different from his private sector counterparts except he’s wheeling and dealing for a not-for-profit where the best return on investment is the creation of safe and secure spaces and homes that people want to live and work in today, and quality buildings that are well constructed so they provide returns well into the future.

Mario’s brief is to source land opportunities where we can weave our developments into the fabric of local communities and connect with the local streetscape, often adding to the amenity of the neighbourhoods in which we build.

In less than a decade, Mario has overseen the development of more than $200 million of housing assets across the state and has another $100 million worth of properties under contract or construction.

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