Bendigo for Homeless Youth


Bendigo for Homeless Youth and Luke Owens have done more than raise $100,000 to help build our newest development, the Sidney Myer Haven.
They have raised awareness of the plight of nearly 700 children who do not have a stable residential living environment in Bendigo, and in recent times, across the nation since Luke, 21, won the Pride of Australia Young Leader Medal.
Luke and his local band of musicians have also shown that true community spirit and compassion for those less fortunate is alive and flourishing among our youth.
It has been well reported that Luke was inspired to form BfHY after a nine-year-old girl expressed to him that she and her mother were living in a car, a caravan and a tent without a proper roof over their heads.
The BfHY set an ambitious fundraising target of $100,000 in 2012. They played gigs around town, launched a CD, tin rattled in the streets, and sold branded merchandise.
Thanks to a strong social media presence and the support of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and Bendigo Community Telco, the BfHY had raised more than $100,000 by Christmas.
BfHY patron Keith Sutherland said Bendigo had lived up to its reputation as a dynamic and caring community.
“Our city has long been known as a place where the community comes together to achieve better social outcomes for our people,” Mr Sutherland said.
Despite his young years, Luke insists he is intent on dedicating his life to helping the less fortunate.
“I see myself evolving to the needs of Australia,” he said.
“I’m not interested in money, fame or fortune, I’ll just go where people need to be helped.”