Glass Slipper

On June 25, the (then) Mayor Cr Lisa Ruffell named the Glass Slipper Ball as the Mayoral Charity for 2013.
She also announced that all proceeds from the Glass Slipper Ball would be placed in an endowment fund within the Community Foundation to be called the Glass Slipper Fund.
“Grants from the Glass Slipper Fund will be distributed to projects and programs that provide services and support to children and young people at risk or affected by, directly or indirectly, mental health issues and homelessness, or with limited access to education,” Cr Ruffell said.
Well, the Glass Slipper Ball [link to YouTube video] was a raging success and congratulations to the organisers, particularly Cheryl Hardie.
Twelve leading Bendigo identities and their partners, including our CEO Ken Marchingo and his wife Sharon, made their debut on the dance floor.
The evening was promoted as an opportunity for people to ‘frock up’ and socialise and provide voting support, in other words sponsor, their favourite dancing couple.
Good in theory, but we had been reliably informed that our CEO couldn’t dance to save his life, so we launched an alternative campaign, Save Sharon from Shame.
This was unashamedly designed to win the sympathy vote … and it worked. Ken and Sharon won the fundraising hands down.
Even better, our organisation won too, with the Community Foundation announcing that it would donate proceeds from the Fund to build the Sidney Myer Haven.