Communications & Engagement

Without the ongoing engagement of our stakeholders, it would be hard for an organisation such as ours to survive, as we are mutually interdependent.
Stakeholder engagement is our way of improving communications, obtaining wider support or buy-in for our programs and projects, and enhancing our reputation.
By engaging with a broad range of stakeholders, both internal and external, we aim to show our social responsibility and commitment to our Mission, build confidence, and create a more user-friendly, community targeted service.
Whilst every engagement process is unique, these are some of the tools and techniques we have employed over the past 12 months:
• Media interviews
• Website updates
• Facebook posts
• Twitter tweets
• YouTube videos
• Annual Reports
• Submissions
• Newsletters
• Briefings
• Brochures
• Workshops
• Surveys
• Reference groups
• Forums
• Door-knocks
• Emails and letters