Alex & John’s story

Homelessness & Support


Alex John

Alex’s story

“John had lost his job due to restructuring and was struggling to afford his rent as well as suffering an acute episode of depression. At our first meeting at the John Bomford Centre, John presented as very low and despondent. With the support of the clinician, Medical Officer and employment worker, we wrapped a series of supports around John. His psychiatric needs were attended to, he had support looking for other meaningful employment and I liaised with his real estate agent to ensure his housing was secure and assisted him to find cheaper housing. We also used our brokerage funds to deal with some of his arrears. John is now employed, has safe and affordable accommodation, and been discharged back into the community.

John’s story

“I have a lot to thank Haven; Home, Safe for. The support I have had from my worker Alex has helped me settle and focus on what I need to do. I can focus because my worker is supporting me, when so many others have promised and delivered so little. I am not out of the woods yet but I am working actively to sort everything out and to build a foundation for my life to rebuild. With Alex in my corner, I know I have a fighting chance. ”