Brad & Peter’s story

Homelessness & Support


Brad Peter

Brad’s story

Peter is a resident at the Kyneton Lodge Supported Accommodation Residence. I first met Peter two years ago when I started in the Supporting Connections Program [SCP] Team. Peter was extremely introverted, would not make eye contact when conversing and would not initiate interactions with others. A year ago, when visiting Kyneton Lodge, I happened to mention to Peter that I played guitar as a hobby and Peter said his brother played guitar and was in a band. Peter said he had often thought it would be something that he would like to do. We bought him an acoustic guitar through the SCP. I taught Peter some basic chords and then he went on to seek, attend and pay for private guitar lessons himself. He was a participant in the very first SCP music program and a member of the Mixed Nuts.
Peter now initiates conversations, maintains eye contact when meeting and conversing with new people, and will stand in front of hundreds of spectators and do a sound check on stage prior to a performance.

Peter’s story

I always wanted to play the guitar, because my brother does and he has always been in bands. It was fun learning the guitar, but to be in a band that plays for people has been awesome. My brother is very proud of me and has come to see me play at the ABC’s Exhumed band competition. I’m even on Facebook and YouTube in the Mixed Nuts. We’re kind of famous now.