Jason & Michael’s STORY


Jason Michael

Jason’s story

I have been attending Young Guns ABI program for about seven years and in this time I have met some wonderful people and forged friendships that I consider to be lifelong. Young Guns has helped me get out of the house and at times in my life when I have felt depressed and isolated. Just knowing that I had something to look forward to was a tremendous lift. My favourite trips over the years have been a three-night stay in Tasmania and most recently a day trip to Calder Park where the Young Guns enjoyed a drag racing event. I hope Young Guns continues for many years to come.

Michael’s story

When I first met Jason he was very quiet and shy and lacking in self- confidence and kept to himself on the Acquired Brain Injury programs, but year after year I noticed a real change in Jason’s involvement. Jason is always the first client to let me know if he is going on outings and has built up several friendships with other long-standing clients. Often we ask if clients can give feedback on their current and future trips and Jason always has some great ideas on where we can go. Client numbers are extremely high and we often have a waiting list when groups are booked out so it’s great to see the ABI program going from strength.