John & Lillian’s story


John Lillian

John’s story

“Thanks to Haven; Home, Safe and Lillian for the support they have given me in trying to find long-term accommodation. She is making the task easier by picking out two bedroom units and times to inspect them.”

Lillian’s story

“I’ve have supported John in his search for short-term and long-term housing after leaving his rental property. John was hesitant in talking to people and negotiating accommodation and rentals. I have advocated on John’s behalf talking to motel owners, semi-supported accommodation and real estate agents in Bendigo. John has been very co-operative in searching for properties. I was impressed he even shaved his treasured long hair and moustache, believing this will improve his chances of getting a property. John said he felt he was a new person and welcomes this change positively. Some people might find John a little eccentric but we had a good rapport. It was great working with John. I had to think outside the box and be more proactive. Client Centre staff don’t do outreach work, as our engagement with clients is office based, but due to John’s circumstances, I had to go beyond my normal duty and attend a property inspection on his behalf