Nick & Jasmin’s story

Nick Jasmin

Nick’s story

How you improved my life:
1. First of all finding me accommodation when I was released from jail.
2. My support worker was in constant contact with wanting to know how I was travelling.
3. She found me suitable accommodation to fulfil my needs.
4. She put in 100%, knowing that the kind of support I was receiving was comforting.
5. Getting me accommodation which I can call home. The support which I am receiving is impeccable, thank you to Jasmine and the team for making my journey a lot easier.

Jasmin’s story

“Nick had been living with his three teenage boys in Geelong where they experienced a house fire and lost all their belongings. Due to some bad choices, Nick spent a small period of time in prison. During this time his three boys returned to live with their mother in Bendigo. Once released, he presented to us for support in securing stable and affordable accommodation as he was couch surfing.
As his case manager, I supported him through this transition and discussed the options for crisis accommodation. Through Nick’s engagement and by advocating for him, we were able to place him at the Central City Caravan Park. This was a significantly better environment for Nick to be living in until he was permanently housed.
He was eventually offered an Office of Housing property. As his case manager, I stayed engaged with him throughout the waiting period, regularly touching base, liaising with his parole officer and linking him in with other support services such as St Vincent de Paul. Once Nick was offered the OoH property, I arranged for a number of donated household items to be delivered to his new address.
Now that Nick has stable and long term housing, his boys will return into his care. I will be supporting Nick through this transition and we will also look at his employment opportunities and address any other ongoing support needs.”