Tenant Survey Results


Every two years we survey our Affordable Housing Association (AHA) tenants to gauge their satisfaction or otherwise with our services.

As well as forming part of our operational and regulatory requirements to the Housing Registrar, the feedback provides personal accounts of the AHA experience and gives tenants an opportunity to share their opinions and observations.

A total of 883 surveys were distributed to AHA households between October and November 2012. All surveys were sent by post with reply paid envelopes. Of the surveys distributed,
404 (47.5%) were returned.

tenant-statIn terms of housing priorities, affordability and
stability and security of tenure were the key concerns,
attracting 37.7% and 34.7% of responses.
Overall, the survey results were an endorsement of the housing program and services being delivered.

Our key areas of strength appear to be the ability to deliver flexible and responsive housing solutions:

• 86.5% of tenants said their current housing suited their immediate and future needs
• 87.8% had no plans to vacate
• 92.6% were satisfied with our performance

Tenants also identified potential areas and for improvement:
• Improved quality assurance of maintenance requests
• Faster response times and more rigorous follow-up to ensure jobs have been completed to the tenant’s satisfaction
• Quicker resolution to complaints