IT Roadmap

it roadmapWe’re in the people business and to ensure better, faster, more efficient delivery of our services into the future we need to have a robust, scalable and secure IT infrastructure.

We may soon be operating in virtual clouds, but right now we’ve got our collective feet on the ground working on an IT roadmap.

The aim of the IT roadmap is to identify opportunities for business efficiency improvements and customer satisfaction presented by technology.

And much like a roadmap, there are many alternative routes we could take.

Improved mobility and accessibility is a high priority and already we’ve rolled out smartphones and tablets to operational staff who spend much of their time out of the office working with clients.

But like all technology, upgrades and replacements are a necessary part of maintaining a working infrastructure.

We recently replaced 80 of the oldest computers in our Bendigo office and finalising our requirements for new finance/payroll and HR software.