Palm II

palm-quote2As revealed in last year’s Annual Report, Haven; Home, Safe began using an internally built, custom designed Client Management System called Palm to meet the requirements of data collection and reporting.

Staff were presented with a user friendly and intuitive system that put the burden of data management onto the system itself.

Palm was more than just a database of client information. Every staff member had their own personalised view of the system and everything available at their fingertip,  from a basic summary of their daily work to comprehensive reporting and statistics.

As incredible as Palm was to its user group, the job was only half done!

Palm II has now been designed and is about to be released.

“First we delivered a system and now we have revolutionised it to change how staff undertake their work” said Trevor Perri our programmer.

We created a mobility solution and staff will be able to access the system from anywhere and on any platform. We modernised communication with SMS through the software, therefore recording the communications straight into the database and integration with MS Office and calendars, recording appointments in a workers calendar and updating the clients data seamlessly.

If that wasn’t amazing enough, the project team have built a second system called Silver. Silver is a Program Management System which supports the services of non-client management. Currently this captures the requirements of 2 programs: rostering carers for clients of Haven Home Assist and overseeing expenditure for our Facility Cost Relief program at six Supported Residential Services. Paula Shay, the creator behind Silver tells “previously these programs were managed through a series of supporting spread sheets, but with the benefit of building in-house, we have had the opportunity to start with a blank slate and create an innovative design to suit the specifics of our environment”.

The suite of software created and designed by Haven; Home, Safe is expected to expand next year, including applications on both Android and IOS platforms.